Welcome to Whole Life Services

Whole Life Services specializes in providing care management to people who suffer from physical and cognitive impairment.

The clients we serve are impacted by a wide variety of cognitive conditions including dementia, Alzheimer's, traumatic brain injury, developmental disabilities, and mental illness, as well as physical impairments that affect their quality of life.

Relationships are at the core of our work. Building quality, trusting relationships with our clients , as well as those who are responsible for their welfare provides a basis for our work that truly enhances the lives of our clients.

The supportive and trusting relationship that develops between our Care Managers and clients assure that our client's wishes guide all decisions; medical, placement, social, spiritual and recreational. Our professional skills allow us to assess and document our client's interests and state of mind even in situations where our clients have suffered significant cognitive decline.

Our Care Managers are trained professionals with years of field experience. We work closely with the staff at care giving facilities, families, guardians, conservators, trust officers, friends and neighbors. We develop a unique and comprehensive care plan for each client and we provide monthly updates on all our clients that detail the purpose and outcome of each contact, as well as provide an update on progress towards care plan goals. 

Assuring a high quality of life, whether it be in a facility or an individuals own home is the main commitment we make to our clients. Our work provides structure and stability, and promotes positive changes in our client's lives changes measured in increased self -esteem, better health, enhanced abilities and awareness, and a more positive attitude.

Our services are remarkably cost effective. There is no charge for an initial phone consultation and we design plans that work within the financial situations of each of our clients.


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